PHYS 1010, Elementary Physics

Especially for Music Majors

Spring 2015

MWF    10:30–11:20   SCNCE 326

Instructor: Dr. Larry Smith         SCNCE 111        283-7520     

Snow College Master Course Syllabus:

Goals: I invite you to come with me as fellow learners on an exciting journey.  We will use physics as a vehicle to learn to apply scientific reasoning and computational skills in a variety of contexts.  Students will learn to think deeply about the physical universe and how to solve problems.  Students will become familiar with important scientific laws and principles and will learn that science is a process to gain knowledge.  Students will also learn to appreciate and understand the world around them.

Texts: Conceptual Physics 10th ed. by Paul Hewitt ISBN-10: 0805391908   ISBN-13: 9780805391909.

Also a PHYS 1015 Experiments lab packet from Majock Books for lab.

Other Materials:  A calculator capable of exponential notation and trig functions.  

Prerequisites:  Math 1010  or equiv.           Corequisite:  concurrent enrollment in PHYS 1015.

Homework:  Homework will be assigned every chapter; see the assigned problems here.  You are encouraged to study in groups to achieve understanding, but what you write on your paper must be your own work—don't turn homework in without understanding it.  Due dates will be posted in Canvas.  Homework that is late for any reason other than a pre-approved legitimate excuse will be worth 50% up to one week late; thereafter no credit will be given.  No late homework after Apr. 17 will be accepted. 

Term Paper: A major project will be a term paper about the physics of a musical instrument.  More info here.

Participation:  Ask questions in class (the more the better), come to office hours, go to the Math Lab, and help other students.  You need to pay close attention to announcements and the grade book in Canvas.  If you are serious about this class the majority of your learning will take place outside of class time.  Working in groups is strongly recommended.  Please expect to spend about two hours outside of class for every hour in class.

Help:   Please work in groups; I strongly recommend this.  You are encouraged to see me during my posted office hours (MWRF 11:30–12:20, T 9:30–10:20) and at other times by appointment. Regular class attendance is expected of every student.  See attendance policy.

See Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) policy.

Quizzes:  Short frequent quizzes will help you stay caught up and keep you apprised of your progress.

Tests:  There will be some tests in the testing center before the final exam.  Take your photo ID, a #2 pencil, and your calculator.  Testing Center hours are listed here.

Final Exam:  Tuesday, April 28; 9:30–11:30, in the classroom.  It will be comprehensive.

Grading:        Participation    10%                Quizzes         20%                 Homework       20%                       

                     Tests                25%                 Final Exam      25%

Course Summary:

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